Daily Archives: August 7, 2009

I’ve expired


I’m officially no longer a Young Person

The 5th August was my last day, and even that was a year overdue by National Rail’s official criteria.

I will be very sad to no longer get a third off rail travel, and I wonder what is my next perk up card in life, will be.

I collect coffee stamps

I have Coffee Republic (bust), Wild at Heart (over a year old), Battery Park (can’t be bothered going back, although I only need one more), Funky Monkey (my local, and good coffee despite the stupid name), Nero (overpriced, don’t like places that charge for soya or soy – to agree with American spellchecker, I’m not lactose intolerant I just bizarrely like the taste in coffee, though it curdles if they don’t know how to manage it, having said that I should stop being an annoying requesting customer)

I have too many cards in my purse and not enough money

I hate consumerism and yet I am a waking product of it

I like good coffee and Costa does a good job

Anyway I’m expired so I will have to pay full price blah, and I can’t even sell that Victorian breast pump on ebay



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