Back to Blog and how the world has changed

Last post Nov 8th 2009, Ten Americanos later.  Here are 10 ways Becksie’s world have changed since then :

  1. I have discovered the Contact theatre’s amazingly thick coffee that actually makes me shake and grindsmith for coffee brewed in a siphon, which is awesomely refreshing
  2. I live in Northenden
  3. I haven’t been to any more gigs at the cathedral since Grizzly Bear, but I have seen the Tim and Sam band and The Antlers at St Phillips church.  I am going to St Trinity tonight for Ben Frost, so the culture for church gigging is expanding
  4. Future Everything happened, needless to say I was the only one with a nokia 3210
  5. Still reading Raymond Carver, his book of shorts Elephant, I am on to Elephant now
  6. I am back on Facebook, I missed out on parties and being nosey
  7. I’ve discovered a new Crabbies, namely Franks ginger beer ashamedly made by kopperberg
  8. I sold the Victorian breast pump and acquired 317 issues of Punch magazine
  9. The world now has a Maximillion, a Herbert and an Elliot in it
  10. Coconut water was £1.29 Aug 1st 2009, now it’s up to £1.79, thanks Madonna!  bizarrely Grace coconut water with pulp and sugar in is down to 27p in Tesco Baguley

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