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My first Blog


is that how you even start a blog?

I can’t deny that I am childishly excited about my first blogging experience, although technically I have set up a blog before by default, when I tried to post a comment. 

I am hoping I learn more about this probably uncomplicated, but made over complicated, method of writing thoughts down.

I have been so out of the loop with my own need to write, that I thought why not try.

It’s even going to inspire me to purchase a new laptop and upgrade from my already obsolete in the 90’s style laptop and move on. Though don’t be fooled, I won’t be getting anything near techno hip, but an acer or a £300 deal will suit me, at least it shouldn’t have what even the olden generation know as clitorus mouse.

So there’s my reason. I was always on the scathing side of the My Space sites, Facebook, Blogging, and what I have recently come to discover is not a type of pi minster pie, twitter. But like the conversations about swine flu that I comment on as ridiculous only by talking and adding weight to the topic itself, making me a participant in what I am ridiculing. So yes I fall hypocrite, but of the damage limitation genre I am hoping and striving for.

I think I might quite enjoy this blogging malarkey, it does feel a bit self indulgent, as I guess the idea is that you write so that others can read it. But if it does what I’m asking for and it says on the tin, if it gets me back to accessing a point of connection through writing down thoughts, hell I’m all for the hokey techniques.

Next I’ll be quoting Susan Jeffers!! Do not worry I’ll stay clear of The Secret, unless anyone has the mantra as a fix hold “I love money and money loves me,” bollocks, but I guess it worked for Rhonda Byrne (didn’t know her name by heart by the way, checked her out on ebay and

I’m quite excited by the fact that writing reviews and thoughts that I have it might help my memory as I have been suffering the effects of having a head filled with day to day belongings and seem to have missed the capacity to restore valuable information, so hey my blog may just work, it’s cheaper than the 52 step memory improvement book anyhow.

Here’s to the start of a new revolution for myself, if only I could access the Internet on my dilapidated laptop whilst another person uses the wireless, surely that’s not too much to ask! roll on my new technological purchase.

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