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Broken Embraces Los abrazos rotos

Not the sequel to Broken Arrow, but Pedro Almodovar’s new movie, and I think it’s fantastic.

I saw it last Wednesday, never a good day to venture to Parrs Wood cinema as it’s filled with Orange Wednesday enthusiasts.  I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to blog about, because this is one of the best films I’ve seen for a long time. MV5BMjEzMTAyMzc5MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjEyMDg1Mg@@__V1__CR118,0,364,364_SS90_

Penelope Cruz plays Lena, who plays an actress working for the scriptwriter Mateo Bianco, who signs his work Harry Caine, played by the actor Lluis Homar.  It’s complicated, but I’m just toying with the name thing for my own amusement.


In the present day reality of the film we see Harry Caine, as he is now known in both his work and personal life, as a blind script writer and we are left wondering why he has no vision and where his real name has disappeared to.

It is through the characters of Judit Garcia and her son Diego that history is allowed to resurface through their relationship with the former Mateo and latter Harry.

Truly wonderful melodrama is played out and details you think are going to be crucial to plot development turn out to be those beautiful red fishies that Almodovar plays with.  Look out for bleach and oh all the others that I’ve forgotten .

It really had me hooked, with the right elements of silly melodramatics, splendid glamour, on a stick jokes and beautiful words.  It looked great and maybe one of my favourite film’s he’s done.  It’s definately made me want to re-visit my box set.


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