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The Red Shoes

Will be reviewed tomorrow it was good, for an amateur performance, the script was great. I just have to clean up some glitter . . .


When I say amateur performance – I mean it in a positive sense, with the casts passionate voluntary portrayal, of Hans Christian Anderson’s dark fairy tale The Red Shoes.

I really enjoyed Liz Postlethwaite’s adaptation, though I have never read the original story and would be intrigued to find out if the narrator is part of the original tale. 

Our storyteller tells us how to behave and not to rustle sweet wrappers. She leaves us with a picture horrible image of someone chopping their feet off by playing with our imaginations in a sick and funny way, she takes great delight in this and I squirmed a little.

In the play there are twenty  15-18 year-olds from the Norfox Young People’s Theatre Company playing all of the characters, it is just the narrator and  Ana (the girl in the red shoes) who are left with one part.

 Ana, is the girl who can’t stop dancing when she has the shoes on, she is frowned upon by the village community who are strictly black shoe wearers.


Ana has a  habit it seems of the mother figures in her life dropping down dead. The play was really funny and I thought the cast acted it really well, the audience were on the noisy side, but this didn’t bother me so much as it felt like it had brought a different sort of person in than would usually go and see this sort of play.


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