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Demon Lamps and Lion Zeifer’s

Went to Knutsford auction last week, £30 budget –  spent £45.

Here is what I got.

First an ancient Indian instrument – a lion zeifer. Can I play it? No, Can I sell it? No, Do I now want it? Probably Not, but I’ll try and make a musical debut.

Next £15 for a random selection of Superman, Superboy, Adventure Heroes and Lois Lane (Superman’s girlfriend) comics. They are in pretty good nick and come from the 60’s so it might turn out to be a worthwhile purchase, fingers crossed.

The last was admittedly a panic purchase, a mixed lot, including a selection of old world pensof the Parker variety, a boval Victorian breast pumpthat comes in a cardboard box and complete with a lump of coal inside. Truly authentic.

The weirdest thing was the demon lamp, which at first I was scared to open. It came in a red box with handwritten scrawl explaining how to use the object. I opened it up to reveal a red plastic bulb shaped design with a piece of rope hanging out of the side. I have no idea!

I love auctions.


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