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I am confused about national blog month that takes place every month so I am writing my daily blog on the confusion I am feeling

I thought I was a member of the blogroll on nablomopo, but then I realised that I mustn’t be as I hadn’t emailed this

This annoyed me because I had to write it out as I couldn’t edit the paste version

 this took me 4 and a half minutes

I am confused about some things to do with blogging and some things that aren’t

What are html badges?I keep envisaging denim jackets

I am glad I don’t live in another country, all the queries I have come across to do with time zones has made me want to return to commodore 64 days

I am watching Lost and Found a short DVD from Kingbee records, the old age pensioners in Shanghai apparently are in the park intoxicated with either liquor or happiness

oh sorry just happiness

This is a nice short Red Lantern House

Red Lantern lady is going to think of the camera woman everyday in return for a DVD player



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