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The Red Shoes

Will be reviewed tomorrow it was good, for an amateur performance, the script was great. I just have to clean up some glitter . . .


When I say amateur performance – I mean it in a positive sense, with the casts passionate voluntary portrayal, of Hans Christian Anderson’s dark fairy tale The Red Shoes.

I really enjoyed Liz Postlethwaite’s adaptation, though I have never read the original story and would be intrigued to find out if the narrator is part of the original tale. 

Our storyteller tells us how to behave and not to rustle sweet wrappers. She leaves us with a picture horrible image of someone chopping their feet off by playing with our imaginations in a sick and funny way, she takes great delight in this and I squirmed a little.

In the play there are twenty  15-18 year-olds from the Norfox Young People’s Theatre Company playing all of the characters, it is just the narrator and  Ana (the girl in the red shoes) who are left with one part.

 Ana, is the girl who can’t stop dancing when she has the shoes on, she is frowned upon by the village community who are strictly black shoe wearers.


Ana has a  habit it seems of the mother figures in her life dropping down dead. The play was really funny and I thought the cast acted it really well, the audience were on the noisy side, but this didn’t bother me so much as it felt like it had brought a different sort of person in than would usually go and see this sort of play.

I’ve expired


I’m officially no longer a Young Person

The 5th August was my last day, and even that was a year overdue by National Rail’s official criteria.

I will be very sad to no longer get a third off rail travel, and I wonder what is my next perk up card in life, will be.

I collect coffee stamps

I have Coffee Republic (bust), Wild at Heart (over a year old), Battery Park (can’t be bothered going back, although I only need one more), Funky Monkey (my local, and good coffee despite the stupid name), Nero (overpriced, don’t like places that charge for soya or soy – to agree with American spellchecker, I’m not lactose intolerant I just bizarrely like the taste in coffee, though it curdles if they don’t know how to manage it, having said that I should stop being an annoying requesting customer)

I have too many cards in my purse and not enough money

I hate consumerism and yet I am a waking product of it

I like good coffee and Costa does a good job

Anyway I’m expired so I will have to pay full price blah, and I can’t even sell that Victorian breast pump on ebay


The Pope for Christmas No 1

VATICAN POPEA strange idea, perhaps a great money making spin, but here we go. The Pope is going to be featured for the first time singing on a CD released in November

Geffen Records, who have signed bands such as Guns n’ Roses, Elton John, Donna Summer and Snoop Dogg, new artist will be Pope Benedict XVI

The CD released in time for Christmas 2009  will be called “Alma Mater” – nourishing mother (could also mean college or uni someone has attended, I think in this case we can stick on the side of Mary)

Some of the proceeds have been quoted as being donated to helping underprivileged children around the world have musical education, I want figures on this one.

A nice one for my gran at Christmas if the price is right and the charity donation is above 39%, but if it comes with free Rosemary beads or baptismal candle I maybe inclined to pooh pooh the whole charade.

If anyone knows anymore I’d be intrigued

catherines-booze Christmas 2009 Sherry and the Pope’s Christmas Rap I wish

Synecdoche New York


I watched Synecdoche New York on Sunday evening and had to revisit the second half on Monday, as I knew this film had left me with a real something, but the sleepiness which had crept in blurred Kaufman’s metaphors into something no more intelligible than a piece of pasta hugging a paper clip.  Not that I’m anti this, but I could see that there was something more linear and, shall we say at the risk of sounding poncy, theoretical to appreciate.

“simultaneous understanding”


synecdoche is when you refer to a part of something to refer to the whole

I watched this film and I was absorbed  

The characters seemed real in their eccentricities and their despairs and the humour of  the film was on my wave

I laughed at the burning house imagesand the daughter Olive talking about being given drips of water and tiny pieces of pizza.

I felt lonely seeing Caden cry before sex and at Sammie’s presentation of him. 

When Caden takes on Ellen’s role as a cleaning lady it really got me, seeing the deterioration in his already fragile state.

Although this is dark, I took relief from the fact that the world is essentially a stage, and the role you adopt is not necessarily type casted out.  You can choose your own place, and what a different world/film Kaufman would have portrayed had he chosen to allow his characters to explore essentially happier, but maybe more forced roles.

The burning house presents Hazel with the fear that it will kill her, and in the end it does.  This made me think about self fulfilling prophecy and how although one might think who would choose to die in a burning fire? at least Hazel controlled this by allowing her worst fear to be actualized, which actually maybe freed her, or maybe not!

Carl Jung  – I like this theory 

Waking and Dream states are both necessary in the quest for meaning – Yep

4 stages to Individuation –  Self-Realization

  1.  becoming conscious of your shadow (recognizing both your constructive and destructive sides) when Caden hires Sammy, he learns of his true personality
  2. becoming conscious of your anima and animus (men become conscious of their female component and women become conscious of their male component),  Caden replaces himself with Ellen
  3. becoming conscious of the archetypal spirit (where you take on your mana personality), think of becoming one with universal life energy
  4. and finally self-realization(where a person is fully aware of the ego and the self) When Cadenrealises the truth about his life and loves he dies – ach

Far from the worst film I’ve ever seen, could potentially ruin your life if you allow it, but I already let Clerks 2 do that


gnomes, unicorns, vampires and see through japanese dresses

Had an interesting evening with the writers of Didsbury and marginally further afield, I don’t like the fact that I go bright pink when I read, no matter how much positive self talk I try to give myself, I even got sweaty arm pits.

  • A little advice from the methodist church, Plan ahead, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the arch


I am confused about national blog month that takes place every month so I am writing my daily blog on the confusion I am feeling

I thought I was a member of the blogroll on nablomopo, but then I realised that I mustn’t be as I hadn’t emailed this

This annoyed me because I had to write it out as I couldn’t edit the paste version

 this took me 4 and a half minutes

I am confused about some things to do with blogging and some things that aren’t

What are html badges?I keep envisaging denim jackets

I am glad I don’t live in another country, all the queries I have come across to do with time zones has made me want to return to commodore 64 days

I am watching Lost and Found a short DVD from Kingbee records, the old age pensioners in Shanghai apparently are in the park intoxicated with either liquor or happiness

oh sorry just happiness

This is a nice short Red Lantern House

Red Lantern lady is going to think of the camera woman everyday in return for a DVD player


Tigger likes the Kantipur

DSCF1937We got a take away from our local Nepalese restaurant the Kantipur last night, the food is always good and the staff are so lovely.

They delivered our meal for us free of charge and even gave us a free bottle of wine and beer.

We had a lovely feast and when we stop to take a little rest we had a little unexpected guest who fancied a Saturday night take out too.

Saturday mornings sipping ginger tea

I love three gingers tea by Pukka, it is a god send with warming turmeric and takes the night before out of your mouth.

I’m not hungover this morning, but sipping my tea made me think about good old rescues if you feel hungover or just a little sick.

Top 5 cures for feeling nauseous

1. Frappucino, Frescatos, Freezers, Ice blended coffee – whatever they’re called they do the trick, so long as you are not suffering from too much caffeine, in that case stick to banana based ones for sure.

2. Coconut water –  if your flush Holland and Barratt £1.29 for the pure, if your not Tesco for coconut with pulp and sugar 42p a can, I sometimes get this from Adele’s worldwide foods too.

 3. Chicken – it helps, I convinced myself that eating chicken liver would increase my ability to process alcohol, this did not.

4. Yeasayer – my saving grace on the way back from ATP

5. A shower – no matter how much effort it seems, freshness is good.

Thank you for Purchasing this – Of Montreal Hissing Fauna you are the destroyer

I really love this group ever since Adam told me that the main singer appeared on a horse at a gig. 

The album is fun and has enough lyrics that strike a chord with the inner need for depth.

“I’m in a crisis, I need help, come on mood shift back to good again,come on mood shift back to good again,come on be a friend.”

“Together, let’s go together, let’s do it together, let’s go together”

 “Eva, I’m sorry, but you will never have me, to me you’re just some faggy girl, and I need a lover with soul power, no you ain’t got no soul power.”

Ok I’m being lazy you do the work, listen to the album, I’ve got dark beer to drink

Severe lack of inspiration

I hate it when people say this, but I think I’ve forgotten how to write.

I’ve tried to start a short story, so that I have something to read out at the writer’s group I’m going to go to on Tuesday next week and I just don’t seem to be able to think of a single idea in the world.

 I have gone back to two old pieces with the first few lines started, and have failed. Closing both and saying no to do you want to save your changes?

I feel miserable, where is the world of words?

 I have to write about this here because I signed up for nablopomo, which isn’t as my friend Kei thought access to a porn website, but is a blog a day incentive.

I need an idea if you have any give them me for free – please.

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