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Saturday mornings sipping ginger tea

I love three gingers tea by Pukka, it is a god send with warming turmeric and takes the night before out of your mouth.

I’m not hungover this morning, but sipping my tea made me think about good old rescues if you feel hungover or just a little sick.

Top 5 cures for feeling nauseous

1. Frappucino, Frescatos, Freezers, Ice blended coffee – whatever they’re called they do the trick, so long as you are not suffering from too much caffeine, in that case stick to banana based ones for sure.

2. Coconut water –  if your flush Holland and Barratt £1.29 for the pure, if your not Tesco for coconut with pulp and sugar 42p a can, I sometimes get this from Adele’s worldwide foods too.

 3. Chicken – it helps, I convinced myself that eating chicken liver would increase my ability to process alcohol, this did not.

4. Yeasayer – my saving grace on the way back from ATP

5. A shower – no matter how much effort it seems, freshness is good.


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