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Grizzly Bear at Manchester Cathedral

93485735670236Disclaimer: If you are suffering from Swine Flu, this is all a figment of imagination none of the following existed.

Checking out the reviews on Drowned in sound this morning made me gulp, Great band – Shit venue, Shit band – Great venue                      Were we at the same gig?

We had the cathedral on a dark rainy night, with St Vincent to start and Grizzly Bear for mains, it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

2St Vincent, aka Annie Erin Clark, is the same age as myself and she’s opened some amazing tours from The National, Andrew Bird, Death Cab for Cutie, to Grizzly Bear’s recent adventure.

When I first heard St Vincent, I was convinced that their songs were covers as the music instantly got me as what I already knew. Her voice is stunning and she did a lovely job of opening last night without the rest of her band.  Her and Daniel Rossen, (who I thought was Edward Droste’s brother, why did no one correct me?) made a cute onstage couple for the last few songs.

In short she’s as cute as a button, as talented as a whole band and her music is a beautiful mix of sounds that remind me of Dirty Projectors and a better version of Regina Spectra.

grizzly-bear_1515567cNow for the Grizzly’s

 The stage adorned with tealight bulbs lit up for these loveable chaps, Ok so we have Daniel Rossen vocals guitar and keyboard, Edward Droste same, Chris (Blondie) Taylor bass, backing vocals, whistler  and producer and Christopher Bear backing vocals and drums.

Veckatimest A place out of time, like the people in the songs.  With their music and their performances it is such a journey, you go through. The sombre reflections and then the high notes that make you start to shake, it makes you feel the reality of what it is to be human and explore this wide range of talent along with feeling and a beautiful stylised look and sound, simply because it is such a real stage presence.

Seeing them at the Cathedral was beautiful and so close, although there were a lot of people there, at least a lot of people got to eexperience something very special.

In short they are one of my favourite bands that take me somewhere I am willing to go.


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